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Server Maintenance
by God Beo
God Beo
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Server Maintenance

Hi Tibeons!

What a few days it's been!

Server restart 08/09 at 9PM CEST for Bug Fixes and Changes.

  • Stamina fix - Stamina will now be depleted after resolution of recent bug.
  • Stamina will regenerate in Trainers.
  • Trainers will kick at 15 minutes (this should have already been in place but it was bugged).
  • Paralyse chance decreased by Monsters.
  • Exhaust and spells changed to have better cooldowns.
  • Spells formula have been changed for more accurate hits.
  • Custom Task NPC in place of Grizzly Adams which will give better rewards.
  • Banuta Teleport fixed - Shortcut is already working without quests.
  • Loot rate fixed in Warlocks
  • Invisibility chance decreased for Warlocks and Infernalists.
  • Promotion will work from NPCs
  • PoI bridge accessible without Vial of Oil
  • Soft boots lowered from 20mana / 10 hp to 15 mana / 10 hp
  • 50cc removed from shop, down to 25cc.
  • 4 Player MC limit - we have never gone over this limit as I check daily, but, we needed to make some changes to comply with
  • Looted amulet and ring charges fixed.


Server will be down for approximately 15 minutes. You can check the status over in Discord.

Happy hunting!




07.09.21 23:04:14
Edited by moderator
on 08.09.21 16:19:22

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