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Server Maintenance & Upgrades
by God Beo
God Beo
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Server Maintenance & Upgrades

Greetings Tibeons!

The biggest update so far and we're only a week old. We hear you Tibeons and these changes are for you!


We're now starting to build Tibeo with custom content, including new spawns, NPCs and soon a new city as well as improving the overall health of the engine.

Server restart 12th September at 5PM CEST for bug fixes and changes below.

General changes

  • Spawn rate increased to 12x.
  • Skill rate increased to 6x.
  • Magic rate increased to 4x.
  • Additional Trainers have been added to Thais training grounds.
  • Starting items have been changed for new characters to provide more protection against low level monsters.
  • Trade OFF system added.

Bug Fixes

  • Loot adjusted on many monsters.
  • Paralyse changed on some monsters as it was still too powerful.
  • Vengoth Castle doors have been changed to normal doors and increased the spawn of Vampire Brides.
  • Removed "custom" items which gave odd statistics.
  • Fixed the parcel bug, you'll now be able to send parcels to offline characters without the parcel disappearing.
  • Some map tile bugs.
  • Fixed a bug with the doors at Lizard City.

Custom Updates

  • Daily Rewards will now be obtainable for Level 150+ from Thais Library.
  • Carlin has been updated with a Black Knight & Hero spawn.
  • Venore Dragon Lair has been extended on -2 to contain additional Dragons and Dragon Lords.
  • Venore Dragon Lair -3 has been added which has Dragon Lords.
  • Edron Demon Spawn has been extended with additional Demons.
  • Senja now has a Frost Dragon Spawn.
  • Added NPC Shikari to Thais Depot for tasks.

Website Changes

  • Trade OFF system added
  • Server Info page updated with new rates and more information on skull time
  • Census page added, see the top Vocations, Gender and Countries for the server
  • Server Info page updated
  • Respawns page added

We're in the process of updating the site with the latest information reflecting the custom, general and informational changes! Stay tuned!

In Testing

  • Bomberman Event
  • Zombie Event
  • Event NPC
11.09.21 23:41:16
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on 12.09.21 18:40:55
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nice !
18.09.21 23:33:31
Top Shotta
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God Beo doing bits!!!
19.09.21 13:07:14
Ron Para
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22.09.21 13:32:55

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