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14 Oct 2021 -


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Most powerful guilds

Sumus Validus

67 kills


30 kills


7 kills

Tatico Assassino

5 kills

Red Gang

4 kills
14.10.2021 -
Server reset
Author: God Beo

The community has voted! The server will be reset on 31st October and live again on Friday 5th November.

Donation points will be refunded at server reset.

Join the Discord for the latest news.


General info

Reset will occur on 31st October, we will go live on Friday 5th.

Pvp protection until level 50.

Advertising campaigns will be Facebook, Streamers, Otservlist countdown (Friday & Saturday) and Open Tibia forums. Advertising will occur a week before opening.

The Shop will be reworked, it will only contain Addons, Tibeo Tokens, Tibeo Boxes and some mid-level equipment.

Tibeo Tokens will be added for shop points

Website to be updated to reflect all the changes listed.



New spawns from the “current” Tibia to work with 8.6, some examples: Nightmare Isles, Oramond Catacombs, Rosha Prison, Rosha Bones, Falcons, Cobras, Library, Azuras.

Extension of current spawns, Yalahar Demons, Infernalists at Pyre Warlocks

More daily events, which will provide you with event tokens, redeemable at event NPC. Including: PVP arena, team battle, last man standing

PVE Arena with daily bosses, chance to loot rare items from these bosses (likely custom).

Increase duration of buff potions (bullseye potion as an example)

Pvp Enforced, capped at 5 continuous kills on the same character.

Rework blessing to scale price with level, remove the command and have aol command.

Inq blessing NPC available to everyone but 25% more expensive without inq. Potentially new NPC.

Outfit bonuses, depending on rarity of addon.

Soft boots to have refill back, 6 hours.

Vocation rebalance, across all vocations. Damage and healing primarily.

Removal of ring / amulet NPC in Thais.

Djinns & Rashid removal from Thais depot, they will be added to usual spots, no quest requirement.

Rates will be adjusted, TBC.

More frequent boss raids.

Custom raids (bosses and normal) that are harder than RL ones.

Assassin star to have more break chance.

Imbuement system for items.

Bounty system and character sale to be added to website.

Infernal bolt and assassin star to be reworked, TBC.

Tibeo boxes to be reworked for a larger amount of items, ranging from low level to high level.



Bosses need to be fixed, currently spawns more than 1

Quest area doors need to be checked, i.e. blue legs quest, zao lizard city etc.

Addon quests to be checked

Squeezing gear of girlpower needs to be a machete

Yalahar quest is sealed

Demon oak access fix

Dwarven Legs quest broken, cannot destroy the orc beserker’s cage

Dwarven Armor Quest bugged, unable to destroy the wall made of spiders web

Sams Old Backpack box in orc fortress to be removed, it should be looted


16.9.2021 -
More Maintenance & Upgrades!
Author: God Beo

Hi Tibeons!

Here's another update for you, 2 weeks old and pumping out the bug fixes and updates!

Server restart 18th September at 7PM CEST for bug fixes and changes below.


General Changes

  • Custom Otclient will be available for download.
  • Some engine changes to allow for easier Events and more.

Bug Fixes

  • Zombie Event will now work as intended and will be scheduled for a set time daily.
  • Console errors that prevent unneccesary spam when certain actions are performed.
  • Further map tile bugs.
  • Bless will now be a standard 50k, rather than 5k.

Custom Updates

  • Custom city Orilon added.
  • Custom quest in Orilon added (good luck).
  • Added custom Ancient Scarab Spawn to Ankrahmun.
  • NPC Shikari will now provide tasks and they will be trackable. He is availabe in Thais Depot!
  • PYRE to be added/not added, depending on votes in this poll.

Website Changes

  • Top Fraggers added to website.
  • Guild Wars text adjusted when a war is finished.
  • Respawns Page updated with new spawns.
  • Custom City page added, new cities minimap added and spawn locations.
  • Events page to be added and updated with Zombie Event information.
  • Custom OTClient added to downloads and page revamped.

With OTClient, we will also be adding scripts to the website, available for download direct on your client.

11.9.2021 -
Server Maintenance & Upgrades
Author: God Beo

Greetings Tibeons!

The biggest update so far and we're only a week old. We hear you Tibeons and these changes are for you!


We're now starting to build Tibeo with custom content, including new spawns, NPCs and soon a new city as well as improving the overall health of the engine.

Server restart 12th September at 5PM CEST for bug fixes and changes below.

General changes

  • Spawn rate increased to 12x.
  • Skill rate increased to 6x.
  • Magic rate increased to 4x.
  • Additional Trainers have been added to Thais training grounds.
  • Starting items have been changed for new characters to provide more protection against low level monsters.
  • Trade OFF system added.

Bug Fixes

  • Loot adjusted on many monsters.
  • Paralyse changed on some monsters as it was still too powerful.
  • Vengoth Castle doors have been changed to normal doors and increased the spawn of Vampire Brides.
  • Removed "custom" items which gave odd statistics.
  • Fixed the parcel bug, you'll now be able to send parcels to offline characters without the parcel disappearing.
  • Some map tile bugs.
  • Fixed a bug with the doors at Lizard City.

Custom Updates

  • Daily Rewards will now be obtainable for Level 150+ from Thais Library.
  • Carlin has been updated with a Black Knight & Hero spawn.
  • Venore Dragon Lair has been extended on -2 to contain additional Dragons and Dragon Lords.
  • Venore Dragon Lair -3 has been added which has Dragon Lords.
  • Edron Demon Spawn has been extended with additional Demons.
  • Senja now has a Frost Dragon Spawn.
  • Added NPC Shikari to Thais Depot for tasks.

Website Changes

  • Trade OFF system added
  • Server Info page updated with new rates and more information on skull time
  • Census page added, see the top Vocations, Gender and Countries for the server
  • Server Info page updated
  • Respawns page added

We're in the process of updating the site with the latest information reflecting the custom, general and informational changes! Stay tuned!

In Testing

  • Bomberman Event
  • Zombie Event
  • Event NPC

7.9.2021 -
Server Maintenance
Author: God Beo

Hi Tibeons!

What a few days it's been!

Server restart 08/09 at 9PM CEST for Bug Fixes and Changes.

  • Stamina fix - Stamina will now be depleted after resolution of recent bug.
  • Stamina will regenerate in Trainers.
  • Trainers will kick at 15 minutes (this should have already been in place but it was bugged).
  • Paralyse chance decreased by Monsters.
  • Exhaust and spells changed to have better cooldowns.
  • Spells formula have been changed for more accurate hits.
  • Custom Task NPC in place of Grizzly Adams which will give better rewards.
  • Banuta Teleport fixed - Shortcut is already working without quests.
  • Loot rate fixed in Warlocks
  • Invisibility chance decreased for Warlocks and Infernalists.
  • Promotion will work from NPCs
  • PoI bridge accessible without Vial of Oil
  • Soft boots lowered from 20mana / 10 hp to 15 mana / 10 hp
  • 50cc removed from shop, down to 25cc.
  • 4 Player MC limit - we have never gone over this limit as I check daily, but, we needed to make some changes to comply with
  • Looted amulet and ring charges fixed.


Server will be down for approximately 15 minutes. You can check the status over in Discord.

Happy hunting!




28.8.2021 -
Welcome to Tibeo!
Author: God Beo

Stable host in London, UK.

8.6 server, global


Port: 7171


Client: 8.60



Uptime 24/7


Open PvP

No pay to win store

Botting allowed

Guild war system

Yasir, Djinns and Rashid located at Thais Library.


Rates & Info

Server info - Tibeo

Experience Stages - Tibeo

3cc Reward at level 50

10cc Reward at level 150



!buypromotion - requires level 20 and 20k

!bless - provides all blessings including twist of fate



Further info

Tibeo updates will be voted in by the community. Polls will be added to the website for the community to vote what they would like implemented from future Tibia updates.

Bug Bounty

Found a bug? We’ll provide you with in game shop points. Report it to us on Discord and claim your prize!




Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

Players Online